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The most important omics in biology is economics. These articles map financial trends and considerations onto the industries, companies, technologies, and products you often only read about at a surface level.
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How to Win in Synthetic Biology

It's fun to dream big, especially when it leads to big funding rounds. Yet, few companies translate startup success into a sustainable business. We interviewed entrepreneurs throughout living tech to understand why the gap exists.
Ginkgo Bioworks, Jason Kelly, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Chris Gibson, Ecovative, Eben Bayer, Keoni Gandall, Elliot Roth, Antonio Regalado, Dan Widmaier, Bolt Threads, Will Canine, Opentrons

Ginkgo Bioworks' Original Sin

The darling of synthetic biology has sworn off manufacturing and scale-up assets, opting to build a horizontal technology platform serving all biotech sectors. The lack of vertical integration could hurt the business in the long run.
translation gap, downstream processing

Amyris Needs to Be Held Accountable

The synthetic biology pioneer has been chronically mismanaged in the decade since pivoting away from biofuels. Despite severely overpromising and underdelivering, the management team has faced almost no consequences.
bankruptcy, John Melo, LAVVAN, Ginkgo Bioworks, whistleblower

Ginkgo Bioworks and Amyris Whiffed on Commercial Promises

A 2016 partnership between Ginkgo Bioworks and Amyris pooled together over 70 development-stage ingredients across flavor and fragrance verticals. By the end of 2022, only eight had been commercialized. What happened?
FOIA request, Freedom of Information Act, current active programs, F&F, flavors and fragrances

Invitae: If You Have to Eat Shit, Don't Nibble

The genetic testing company announced the transition of its longtime CEO. It hopes to pivot and turn a corner, but investors shouldn't get their hopes up.