Public Benefit

We believe in business for good. Solt DB is data-informed and values-driven.

We're aligned with people, not algorithms.

Most publications are optimized for engagement algorithms, not nuanced discussions with real people. That's a great way to both ruin public trust and feed technological hype, especially in living technology.

Solt DB was built from the ground up to align our incentives with the public interest and the stewardship of the information commons. We're legally structured to pursue purpose through public benefit, not just profits.
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Back to the basics. Back to the future.

You are not a pageview

We removed ourselves from the race to the bottom among digital publications. The finch will never distract you with ads, write clickbait, or ghostwrite content on Forbes to market a conference. Our work will focus on what is meaningful, not what might get the most engagement on social media.

Outcomes > ideologies

Simple solutions are best. Not every biology-based good or service is genetically engineered. Over time we intend to evaluate everything from synthetic biology start-ups to timberlands, agricultural biologicals to biochar. Our work is technology-agnostic and focused on outcomes.

Your data rights are important

The finch loves data, but not yours. We aren't interested in capturing your email address or using cookies that track you across the internet. For example, we use Fathom Analytics to understand site traffic that anonymizes you and doesn't compromise your privacy.

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Donating 6% of revenue since our first dollar.

Solt DB established a public benefit partnership with Nucleate Pittsburgh in December 2023. We donate 5% of subscription revenue to support monthly events and work in tandem to rekindle Pittsburgh's entrepreneurial ecosystem for biotech. Read the announcement.

The finch donates an additional 1% of all card payments to Stripe Climate, which funds emerging technologies attempting to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.