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Members get access to our research, price targets, and a real-time margin of safety for emerging synthetic biology and biotech stocks.

You invest in businesses, not technologies.

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Biotech stocks can drive your returns

Who are the best investors of all time?

Although Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch are regularly in the discussion, Joseph Edelman isn't as celebrated. His hedge fund, Perceptive Advisors, primarily invests in small and mid cap biotech stocks -- the same focus of Solt DB Invest -- and delivered annualized returns of 30% net of fees from 1999 through 2018.

That's a better return than Lynch's famed Magellan Fund, and for five years longer.

But biotech investing is different

Luckily, so is Solt DB Invest.

Regardless of industry focus, all successful investors lean on domain competence, valuation discipline, and keeping emotions in check to outperform benchmarks.

While serving as a lead advisor at a stock recommendation service, our founder outperformed Cathie Wood's Ark Genomic Revolution, the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI), the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, and even Perceptive Advisors.

He started Solt DB Invest to address the rigidity of stock recommendation services.

Want to be a successful biotech investor?

Deep tech requires deep analysis

Solt DB Invest is the first investment research platform for individual investors to acknowledge the nuances and complexity of biology. There's no hype here.

We combine the professional approaches of nerds in labs coats and quantitative financial modeling to gain a more objective understanding of investment opportunities.

The average biotech stock doesn't belong in your portfolio. Successful investing is driven by avoiding the wrong stocks, not just investing in the right ones. We help you identify both -- in real time.

Is that biotech stock a buy?

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Invest in biotech with confidence

Solt DB Invest shows you how much biotech stocks need to rise or fall in real time to reach our modeled valuation. This is called the Margin of Safety.

By quantifying our research in a simple dashboard, it's available whenever you are.

We also publish written research with data visualizations and scientific diagrams, so you can better understand the biotech stocks you own.

Access to exclusive Discord channels

Subscribers gain access to private channels on our Discord server. Join fellow investors and our founder in timely, uncensored discussions about the latest developments -- whether good, bad, or ugly.

Insights into today's trends, down to the cell.

Trusted by nerds and investors

Solt DB uses the same scientific diagram tools as scientists publishing in the world's top journals -- a first in finance.

The combination of simple language and clear visuals allows investors of all backgrounds to more deeply understand the biotech stocks they own, while scientists can gain a better grasp of the business of biotech.

Make boring financials come alive.

We read SEC filings so you don't have to

We don't bury you with walls of text or regurgitate press releases. Our bottom-up approach combines technical competence with analytical rigor to simplify the challenges, opportunities, and bottlenecks facing businesses.

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Simplifying biotech for investors of all stripes -- or feathers.

time with our real-time rankings
our domain expertise & unbiased research
in vivid detail with data visualizations

Seeing is believing.

We've made our research on 10x Genomics $TXG and Relay Therapeutics $RLAY (our founder's largest position) FREE, so you can see our approach in action. No credit card, email address, or trial period required.
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