Solt DB Invest: Student Pricing

Pay $0 if you moderate our Discord server or the Solt DB Biotech Company Database.
Solt DB is a one-person company with limited bandwidth. We've balanced multiple factors to make Student Pricing both affordable and accessible.
Send us a link to your LinkedIn page via email or Discord, which we'll use to verify your eligibility as a student (we keep the definition intentionally broad).  
If you're eligible, then you'll be invited to sign up via email.
Students can get full access to Solt DB Invest for free. That's, like, $0 per year. Just help moderate our Discord server or the Solt DB Biotech Company Database.

Student Pricing is $99 per year. There is no monthly option for Student Pricing.

Yes, there are two ways.

You can help the finch by moderating our Discord server. Right now, that means posting interesting content and papers you're reading anyway -- easy!

You can also help the finch by moderating the Solt DB Biotech Company Database. Right now, that means helping to manually annotate companies with the proper data fields. This is a great way to deeply understand the nuances of the bioeconomy and gain insights into dozens of competitive landscapes.

Let us know when submitting your LinkedIn page to

All students are eligible for Student Pricing.

We define "student" as participating in any academic program at any level (high school, trade school, community college, undergrad, graduate, medical school, law school, wizardry school, PhD candidates, postdocs, etc.).

At least six (6) years.

Once you begin a student subscription to Solt DB Invest, you'll be eligible for Student Pricing for six (6) years by default -- even if you graduate from or leave your program within the six-year eligibility period. If you begin a student subscription on the last day of your academic career, then you'll be eligible for Student Pricing for six (6) years.

Eligibility for Student Pricing can be extended beyond the initial six-year period if you remain a student after the initial expiration. We went to grad school. We get it.

Cancelling your student subscription will not reset your expiration date if you re-subscribe later. Your expiration date is based on your original subscription and verification.

A lifetime 33% discount to Individual Pricing.

Individuals who graduate from Student Pricing will receive a permanent 33% discount to Individual Pricing at Solt DB Invest. Graduating from Student Pricing is defined as maintaining a subscription for at least four (4) years during the eligibility period, including any free years given. The 33% discount can be redeemed for life, even if future subscriptions are discontinuous. It's yours to keep forever.