Community Edits

Community Edits help Solt DB maintain timely and accurate data across our databases.

When it comes to drug developers, the Solt DB Biotech Company Database only tracks biopharma companies, or companies with at least one biologic therapeutic modality in the pipeline or portfolio. We don't track small molecule drug developers that are often grouped under the umbrella of "biotech." For example, Relay Therapeutics isn't a biopharma company, so it isn't the database. Read our User Guide for more information.

Please protect what little sanity we have left. Do not flood us with submissions for small-molecule drug developers.

Not everything fits neatly into a rigid taxonomy. That's okay. We've done our best to annotate and structure the entire bioeconomy, but there are always companies that break the mold. There are also good ideas and taxonomic relationships we haven't thought of.

Help us improve!

Want to suggest new Sector Focus options, Tags options, and other changes? Select "Other Suggestion" on the "Submission Type" dropdown in the form below.

For security reasons, we've decided not to allow document submissions through the website and probably won't open files emailed to us. The best way to submit new entries in bulk is to point us to a public list or database.

Solt DB sets a high bar for quality. The foundation being built today will enable even more granular data layers in the future, including accurate tracking of gross domestic product (GDP) within the bioeconomy, political maps by county, job postings, and more.

We aim to have the most accurate and most granular databases for the bioeconomy. The finch will also keep all databases free and open. If we succeed, then the public will always have access to the highest-quality information.

Please help keep the Biotech Company DB a valuable global resource by making quality submissions with the most information possible. We know it's a lot of work!

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